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Agent testimonials

Video: Jerry Billett on Agent Life at Bankers
Jerry Billett on Agent Life at Bankers
Video: Jeff Johns, Bankers Life Insurance Agent
Jeff Johns, Bankers Life insurance agent, Harrisburg, PA

Management testimonials

Video: Chris Lewis, Regional Director
Chris Lewis
Regional Director, Dallas, TX
Video: Neal Quimby, Regional Director
Neal Quimby
Regional Director, Philadelphia, PA
Video: Bill Baylog, Regional Director
Bill Baylog
Regional Director, Charlotte, NC

Spousal testimonials

Video: Tammy Baylog Video: Lori Reardon Video: Chris Cournyer Video: Allison Davidson Video: Laurie Hofbauer Video: John Makins Video: Lorrie Palmer Video: Hayley Nixon Video: Michele Krage Video: Michelle Johnson Video: Michael Nurwitch

Tammy Baylog

Military veterans' testimonials

John Jakiun, Regional Director - Washington, D.C.

“As an entrepreneur you need to be disciplined and organized. All the time in the military planning, organizing and staying prepared helps to manage the many moving parts of the Bankers career and ultimately create the career that provides financial independence.”

John Jakiun
Regional Director
Washington, D.C.

Eric Coons, Unit Sales Manager - Springdale, AR.

“I literally arrived at Bankers right off a deployment to Iraq in 2004. Within my first year with Bankers, I became rookie of the year for the top office in the Nation. My goal, financially, after separating from the U.S. Army was 40,000. I earned six figures my first year with the company and I now operate the Northwest Arkansas office as a Branch Sales Manager.”

Eric Coons
Unit Sales Manager,
Springdale, AR.