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Video: Jerry Billett on Agent Life at Bankers
Jerry Billett on Agent Life at Bankers
Video: Jeff Johns, Bankers Life Licensed Agents
Jeff Johns, Bankers Life insurance agent, Harrisburg, PA

Management testimonials

Video: Chris Lewis, Regional Director
Chris Lewis
Regional Director, Dallas, TX
Video: Neal Quimby, Regional Director
Neal Quimby
Regional Director, Philadelphia, PA
Video: Bill Baylog, Regional Director
Bill Baylog
Regional Director, Charlotte, NC

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Video: Tammy Baylog Video: Lori Reardon Video: Chris Cournyer Video: Allison Davidson Video: Laurie Hofbauer Video: John Makins Video: Lorrie Palmer Video: Hayley Nixon Video: Michele Krage Video: Michelle Johnson Video: Michael Nurwitch

Tammy Baylog


Kyle Elliot, Branch Sales Manager - Louisville, KY

“The friendships and relationships I've built during my time with Bankers Life are PRICELESS. We're one big family!”

Kyle Elliot
Branch Sales Manager
Louisville, KY
Bankers Life agent since 2005

Tony Alvarez, Branch Sales Manager - West Palm Beach, FL

“As the first college graduate in my family, I appreciate how Bankers Life invested in my success from the beginning. I benefited from a variety of training tools, resources and mentorship programs the company offered to help me develop professionally.”

Tony Alvarez
Branch Sales Manager,
West Palm Beach, FL
Bankers Life agent since 2004

Scott Parks, Branch Sales Manager - Chantilly, VA

“Bankers Life is one of those rare companies where you have the chance to carve your own career path.”

Scott Parks
Branch Sales Manager,
Chantilly, VA
Bankers Life agent since 1995

Ray Togias, Branch Sales Manager - Syracuse, NY

“After 40 years, with Bankers Life, I still wake up every day excited to go to work.”

Ray Togias
Branch Sales Manager,
Syracuse, NY
Bankers Life agent since 2014

Michael Shoemaker, Branch Sales Manager - Collierville, TN

“While working with Bankers Life I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the best field leaders and producers in the insurance industry.”

Michael Shoemaker
Branch Sales Manager,
Collierville, TN
Bankers Life agent since 2005

Tim Winchester, Branch Sales Manager - Phoenix, AZ

“When you achieve success with Bankers Life, everyone feels excited for you. People here genuinely want you to succeed throughout your career.”

Tim Winchester
Branch Sales Manager,
Phoenix, AZ
Bankers Life agent since 2008